Monitoring interconnected devices

Production Sentinel helps you remain connected at all times, even with the products you manufacture, so you can offer customers an extra service. You can monitor their health and efficiency, with a whole new level of information at your fingertips. And that’s without any impact on your end customers’; connectivity, even if your products are distributed on a large scale and in different locations.

Production Sentinel takes full advantage of the concept of IoT and Industry 4.0 because it allows the integration of new technologies into the various production and automation processes already existing in companies.

With the tools provided by the system, links can be created between machines, things, and equipment belonging to companies, their customers, and suppliers.

The IoT not only links up machines, it can also connect all kinds of other objects, such as refrigerators, air conditioning and heating systems, household appliances, and driving forces… virtually everything. Production Sentinel exploits the new technologies by collecting and interpreting the data transmitted by these things and providing it to users in a customised, intelligible form.

Production Sentinel Experience: Comar Condensatori

With Production Sentinel, Comar Condensatori has created a pioneering remote service for its customers and fitters to monitor the efficiency and safety of its industrial systems installed the world over. Comar’s customers, or Comar itself, can act promptly before the system’s safety threshold is exceeded.

What Comar needs is not simply a stand-alone service, but a solution that guarantees prompt responses up and down the power supply chain; especially when it has to deal, for example, with overloads. In the event of a fault, the system parameter settings must be immediately available in order to be restored.

Production Sentinel Experience: PrintabLED

PrintabLED offers advanced innovation through the design and production of polymer curing systems featuring UV LED lamps, providing pioneering solutions for quality printing. This new technology bring customers enormous benefits in terms of energy savings and productivity. PrintabLED has adopted Production Sentinel to support the maintenance of all the machines equipped with industrial LED strip lights and their cooling systems installed in PrintabLED’s printing companies.

Through a link to the systems installed by PrintabLED, Production Sentinel collects system parameters and converts them into a clearly understandable graphs and charts, allowing users to monitor different variables including: voltage, current, power consumption, duty cycles, and LED lamp temperatures and operating times, with particular focus on the time a lamp is switched on or off. These checks are carried out remotely, so that the PrintabLED specialists do not have to be physically present in the various facilities throughout the country where their printing machines operate.

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