Interview with an EUEI engineer

What machines or devices can be monitored with Production Sentinel?

With Production Sentinel, you can monitor machine tools, power capacitors in electrical systems, air conditioners, printing machines and their components, production line machinery, extruders, dies, presses, earth-moving machines, and even traffic lights. In a nutshell, everything. Because Production Sentinel is a service for IoT and for Industry 4.0 and therefore for all smart applications, for smart cities, buildings, homes, and factories.


Can I check devices or machines remotely and online?

Of course. Devices and machines can be monitored online. Working from a separate location, you can check all your production processes, power consumption levels, usage of raw materials (so you know to get in new stocks with plenty of time), as well as the performance of your machine tools and devices, including if they are down and why. All this can even be done with a smartphone, tablet, or a smartwatch.

Does Production Sentinel also monitor raw material usage?

Yes. If the machine uses consumables, you can check their consumption in order to keep stocks at the right levels, reordering them ahead of time.


Can you monitor power consumption and its costs?

Production Sentinel can monitor the amount of power you are using and its cost. But that’s not all, it also keeps track of usage of gas, air, water, and other items or raw materials used in production and, of course, associated costs. You can also have a log of the various statistics.


What happens if one of my machines or devices breaks down?

Production Sentinel will alert you immediately, telling you what has caused the breakdown or failure, who the assigned operator is, and – by checking all your devices or machines – you can see which one is free in order to reassign the processing that has been interrupted.


If a device or machine breaks down, configuration data can sometimes get lost. Can Production Sentinel keep track of the original settings?

Certainly. If necessary, Production Sentinel can make a backup of the configurations and even restore them remotely.


With Production Sentinel, can I run processes on devices while I am monitoring them remotely?

Yes, Production Sentinel allows you to send data and instructions to the machines and meets certain specific requests, such as when you need to: notify a stopped alarm, speed up a vehicle, set off an alarm, open a filler mouth. The only limit to the actions that can be performed are those dictated by your needs and by the device itself!

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